Featured Poem 10/20/03

Clio* on Moving Day

In a silver shift
and a flowing boa
pink silk stockings
long kid gloves

she weaves through streams
of steamy students
who're moving on,
making mountains

of microwaves
rubber plungers
bloated sofas
that block the alleys.

She loops around
the spotted mattresses
that have borne
hard study

while a snake in a cage
on a Flexible Flyer
eyes her
like a ravenous pasha

as he rolls down the ramp
of a Ryder Rental.
A bonfire lights
a collection of comics

classics and Cliff Notes.
Eleven spent fans
stand in her way
to an Arcadian glade,

but she glides to its pool
reclines on her side
uncorks pale champagne
reads War and Peace.

*Clio is the Greek Muse of History

© Richard M. Merelman

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