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Ken Haynes speech at the September 6 rally


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Found Poem for the SuperMax Prison
from The Story of the Fisherman, Stories from the Thousand and One Nights, The Harvard Classics.

…and when Suleyman saw me, he offered up a prayer for protection against me, and exhorted me to embrace the faith, and to submit to his authority;

but I refused; upon which he called for this bottle, and confined me in it, and closed it upon me with the leaden stopper, which he stamped with the Most Great Name:
he then gave orders to the Jinn, who carried me away, and threw me into the midst of the sea.

There I remained a hundred years; and I said in my heart, Whosoever shall liberate me, I shall enrich him for ever:
– but the hundred years passed over me, and no one liberated me:

and I entered upon another hundred years; and I said, Whosoever shall liberate me, I will open to him the treasures of the earth;
– but no one did so:

and four hundred years more passed over me, and I said, Whosoever shall liberate me, I will perform for him three wants:
– but still no one liberated me.

I then fell into a violent rage, and said within myself, Whosoever shall liberate me now, I will kill him; and only suffer him to choose in what manner he will die.

And lo, now thou hast liberated me, and I have given thee thy choice of the manner in which thou wilt die.

2001 FJBergmann