Samuel Wright


I love her without a doubt
for I know what she's about.

She's very special to me,
for her personality charms like the sea.

My love for her flows like Niagara Falls,
through thick and thin, right through it all.

When I was hurt, she comforted me.
Now she is gone, how I grieve.

I wish I could feel her sweet touch,
for I love her very much.

When she left, I almost died;
for many nights, how I cried.

How I waited very long
for her love, which is now gone,

For she needed her space.
I disappeared without a trace.

Now all I want is one more chance,
to give our love one more dance.

My love is forever, can't you see:
you are the girl for me.

In my eyes, you're the best,
thats why I love you and not the rest.

I would do anything for you;
that's why I know my love is true.

For I need your love, my dear.
My apology for my mistakes is sincere.

This poem explains for me
all the love you must not see.

2000 Samuel Wright

   •   •   •   •   •


Who looks across a crowded room
      and knows with just a glance
The things my heart is feeling
      in every circumstance?

Who holds me tight when I'm feeling blue
      and listens to my woes,
Then hugs my heart with gentle words
      until that feeling goes?

Who knows me by the things I say
      and more by what I hide,
But loves me with the promise
      that she'll be right by my side?

Who comforts and protects me
      no matter what life brings?
It's you, the woman who feels my
      life with a million happy things.

Who knows where you hide?
I just know I need you by my side.

2000 Samuel Wright

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