Caliph Stevens


A message to our black People!

      Every since my days of birth, I've witness them hurt us in the worst,
      Make us depend on the first, and lock us down in controverse,
and they love the fact, our brothers kill us first,
      Through time, is been a crime land, we let the wrong man get the firm stand;
have we come this far and forgot the plan?
      It seems like our dreams been buried in the past,
because we've given them up to make our money in the fast,
      Then we quick to jump and take another brother's cash,
drop out of school, to prove we smooth and cool,
but in this day and age, "You a God-damn fool,"
      Ain't no love in the game of life, 'cause it's cruel; Momma's buying crack when the kids need food, Daddy disowned his own kids, and it's wrong, by getting locked upstate too long,
'cause he tried to kill his own kind off, with the stones and crowns,
      Witnessing body bags stack more, killing off your own bro',
but when it comes to helping one another, you wanna fold,
      How could this world just be so cold; we can't grow young, we just getting old,
becaus we don't last forever, bro',
      If you want to be somebody "right"? Stay up out of gun fight,
gang bang, and everything, dope slang and all those things to bring self pain,
find the right way to get your change,
      Because it ain't no love up in the life of Games,
then we fronting on each other for the fame, but we fail to realize,
that we all struggling in this thang,
      To overcome the pain and strain, and to get out of the stress and rain,
it seems to be a shame, we steady going against the grain;
why can't we come together and begin this struggle within the same lane?
'Cause it ain't no love it's a damn shame!

By Brother Caliph
2000 Caliph Stevens

From the heart!

P.S. Wake up before we blow up!

   •   •   •   •   •


As the time surly pass,
      It seems my days refuse to move fast,
Every day, when I awake,
      I arise to the remembrance of my mistake,
Locked away in invisible chains,
      I strive to fight the undying pains,
The mind may control all things,
      But lacks to see sometimes the path of broken dreams,
A change is evident, in my heart it lies,
      Because my family I've hurt, so I must ease their inner cries,
3 years of my life have been set to a pause,
      But all praises are due to Allah, because it was for a good cause,
I've found myself and moved beyond my childish ways,
      Because it was my inner me that ruined my childhood days,
It's best to live one day at a time,
      'Cause tomorrow's not promised; life can end at the drop of a dime,
So even though I'm incarcerated, my mind is still free
      And I educate my intellect because knowledge is the key,
I make the best out of what seems bad,
      'Cause I can't destruct myself in emotional raft,
I believe these thoughts are best to keep from being sad,
      because you'll miss what you could've had.

By Brother Caliph
2000 Caliph Stevens

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