A. Sandler


on the streets i never got rest
cause i was always involved in crimes
one day al think about something good
the next there be dirt on my mind
constantly in that state of solitude
sometimes i can barely breathe
seeking help from anybody
but there's no one that cares for me
i'm trying to figure out the ways of life
and wondering where do i fit in
but there's violence, shooting, killing, and robbing
so i fear that my life might end
it's hard to believe that i was born to die
and lord knows that i don't want to go
cause i got a loving home and neglect all my wrongs
why trying to preserve my soul
my heart is like a bridge that crashes
down every time an earthquake hits
that causes the inner me to be filled with
grief & can't know napkin destroy this fears
there's only one person who ever heard my cries
and that's the man who knows me best
s when i lay down at night i'm gone
pray to the sky and thank him for granting me breath
now in the depth of my heart i truly
believe that i would die before my time
and i know that all the ones that claim
that they love me will neglect my demise
but until my eyes can see no more and my lungs
can no longer breathe
I will forever have love and respect
for those who have love and respect for me

9/29/00 A. Sandler

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