Anthony Sandifer


When I was younger, I always wondered,
how do true love feel?

My girl's great, my friend's straight,
but my mom's love is real.

When I'm crying, down and out,
she always have nice things to say.

Things like "Dry your eyes, I've got a big surprise,
we're going to play football today."

But now I'm older, things have changed,
my youth is almost gone.

I'm locked in my cage, missing Moms,
for days wondering will I ever get home.

When she comes to see me she always cries
and I tell her to keep it cool.

It might be long, but I'm coming home
and no more will abandon you.

We take pictures before she leaves
so I can take them back to my cell.

I give her a kiss and then look at the pictures,
smiling 'cause there goes true love there.

Anthony Sandifer

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