Russell Rose


I am who you reach out for in the midst of a bad nightmare. I am a cooling wind that breezes through your swaying hair. I am long walks in an autumn park. I am the fluttering spark in every beat of your heart. I am where you run to, and who you run to when you run. I am the warm arms that embrace you, as bright as the sun. I am the eyes that hear the cries of your soul. I am the hand that wipes your tears away when you lose control. I am the one who lives in your heart and dies in your eyes. I am what you search for and find, then cherish with pride. I am the gift that flows from above. Have you guessed who I am yet? I am Love.

Russell Rose

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If you want to see my world. If you desire to see my life. If you'd like to see my soul. Look into my eyes.

You will see a man who never was a boy. One who never had a toy … you can see this in my eyes.

You will see a child, lonely and afraid. Though abandoned he stayed brave; he's still that way today. Will you look into his eyes?

As you look inot my eyes, tell me: do you see my pain? My passion and my anger, my regrets and then my rage? Emotions that are heavier than cold November rain, labeled as a menace to society that statistically won't change. When you look into my eyes, can you see me stealing cars? Because I was homeless, I slept in them. It was either that or behind bars. Look a little further; do you see me running the streets? I starved for lack of knowledge; I went in garbage cans to eat. What you see inside my eyes is pretty dark and very deep..

And i guarantee: if you continue looking, you will weep.

Look into my eyes …my eyes … my eyes!

Russell Rose

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