Omar Polk


I was free,
living my life in the right way on the street,
with a wife that said she loved me for me.

And one night I was with a friend that did some mess to a lady.
The lady asked me to help her.
I did not.
My life walked out on me, just like that.

I was messing with drugs
and didn't see my life walking out on me
and on my family, too.

As I sit here writing this,
I go back and think about my little boy.
He won't have a daddy to talk with
when he needs him, and show him how to play ball
and all those things.. His father sits here
in proson 56 years.

I have to say to the world
that I am sorry life is not fair.
I know I will not see my son.

I'd like to say to the mother of my life,
"I care about him and you, but you need to do
what life has for you. I hope he's happy, and you, too.
                              Love, a forgotten one."

Omar Polk

   •   •   •   •   •


When I came to Portage, I did not want to do nothing.
I was fighting to leave this place.
I did not want nothing Portage had to give me.
Now that I am here, I like Portage a little.
I stay in my cell and cut the world off.
One day my friend visited me and said, "Omar, you need to
do something with yourself. Stop being mad all the time."
And she was right. Thank you, Judy, for being my friend.

Omar Polk

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