Richard Player Paul


From the first glance
I sensed no chance
With someone like you
Smooth, beautiful, and cool

Yet, I could not deny
These emotions coming alive
Full bloom they are
No clue how far
Before left to face
Raw awakening to case
Empty corridors in heart
With dreams ripped apart

Always this is page
Within a "Chapter's" cage
But I hope now
Fate shall openly allow
This very first time
When imprisoned for crime
A life seeking change
Goodhearted Woman in range

My thoughts are real
My feelings please tell

7/7/2000 Richard Player Paul

   •   •   •   •   •


You are every flower I have included in all my prayers
Genuinely needing a woman as YOU who truly cares
Who makes time to listen with a kind ear
While presenting advice that soothes all fear
A heart as wide as the universe is whole
With realistic encouragements that makes it a pleasure to know
The greatest treasure throughout all time
Arrived through a mother who is a terrific friend of mine

So as you venture from day to night
Hold dear that smile that endures sheer plight
Because when miles rise between you and me
It is that "Halo" I cannot help but see
The necessary path that I should go
With a package of gratitude as I hold
All the glorious memories you gave from heart
Reminiscing always shall bring a rejoicing part

Now do not smear this ink in hand
From all those tears I did not plan
Instead allow this moment to feel
The specialness of YOU that is so ideal
And as you blow each candle on your cake
Engulf the peace that is yours to take
Along with the LOVE that is in each eye
Now, Mother Dear, you may cry

8/4/2000 Richard Player Paul

   •   •   •   •   •


Arriving at this crossroad in my mind
My reveries ponder an experience I find
Quite challenging and unpredictable all at the same time
Two assets that determine one's fate within the realm of crime
Whatever the reason to motivate into this lane
Does not justify its means of temporary fame
Yet many grab hold and do rise high
Only to realize you cannot build stairs in the sky
Nor can you dodge the man who wears the black robe
As he demolishes every aspect of your hopeful globe
No family, comrades, associates, or any currency in the land
Is able to reconstruct the broken bridges that now stand
This precise consequence is one of much pain
Especially when on the other side of plexiglass to see and not touch falling rain
These are attributes that nobody shall ever spill
Because being cool and accepted are the main devices of this bill
So before you journey into this type of pit
Be sure to question all your doubts while holding firm to true grit
And should nothing else discourage you from entering this gate
Permit yourself to reflect to this man who has been incarcerated thirty-eight
These are not days, weeks, months, but years
With five years and some odd months to still be residing on a heartless tier
This is not the life that is rich and free
Hell, this could be you, but I am pleased it is me.

7/2/2000 Richard Player Paul

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