James Miller


4/24/04, written on day 26 of 57 days in the hole—solitary confinement

Oncce again
I awaken
In a Heavy blanket
Of sadness.

For now,
I live
My life
In letters,
Books & Dreams.
In this cell
Sadness, slow anxiety,
Sheets of rain,
Blankets of pain,
Creeping sane,
But blue
And weary
And true
In a false-seeming
Imposed against will upon
A sensitive Man
Who just wants to Love
In this World.
But sometimes the World
Has other plans.

So I survive
Until I can thrive
That's what
Flowers do.

James Miller

   •   •   •   •   •


Blood star on kelp at ocean's edge
The brightest red on deep indigo
the sound of waves implied
are you ready yet?

Let's enter the water
waves will crash but our grip will hold
My hand is yours

The cliffs obscured by morning mist
the smell of campfire and coffee
shedding the chill in the new brilliant light
the water is a cup of coffee to the skin
Never more alive
Evermore alive

I await you at water's edge
lingering a moment to consider your beauty
Are you ready to swim?

The brilliant starfish is a photograph in my head
On a bed of kelp it awaits the tide again
You are my tide
You shrug off the night's shadows
for you are of the light
and the light is of love

Fear is cast off like night has met the day
the embrace of a new sun rising
rays of felt caress
warmth to the bone
a grand entrance

Splash; our feet enter blue timeless realms
hand in hand we rise to the tide
It is our time
We awaken …

James Miller

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