Hans M. Jensen

On Aging

Is aging necessary
Must we die
Cells live forever
Why not I.

Protons and neutrons
Do not grow old
Nor does electricity or gravity
So I've been told.

Our DNA never changes
Even after 600 million years
That's almost forever
As in my book it appears.

So live on old man
And avoid all accidents
Get as old as you can
And avoid stress in the can.

Live for the day
You can die tomorrow
But tomorrow never comes
So we avoid death's sorrow.

Hans Jensen was 87 years old in 2005

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Cured by Faith in Myself

Today I feel just fine
I have no pain of any kind
It took a few years to make me well
Now I tell pills to go to Hell.

New Lisbon allows me to train
This old body and keep it tame
Exercise is the magic word
Some here of it have never heard.

So they stay ill on the pill
I wonder how many pills kill
Get out of that musty bed
And go for a walk instead.

Stay away from the canteen
What you eat from them is mean
It does not treat your immune system well
And lets your entire body swell.

So let us start working
Start from head to foot
And watch how fast
An old invalid can progress.

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