Arvester Hawkins

Nailed to the cross and tears fill my swollen eyes.
Sentenced to death Crucified.
Blood runs down my arms and drips from my feet.
Refuge from man I now seek.
Punished for wrong decisions made.
This is how evil deeds are repaid.
People stand around and stare, looking amazed.
I hang lifeless and in a daze.
I hang from the cross, cold and bare.

I've been nailed to this cross for hours.
I can't move. I no longer have any power.
The screams of the crowd have grown silent
and by tears I am blinded.
I pray, asking God for forgiveness.
Why is God letting me suffer? Why won't he just end this?…

Twenty-four hours later my request is granted
and I have the pleasure of feeling the gift of death.
Inhale and Exhale. My final breath.

© Arvester

   •   •   •   •   •


Trapped with nowhere to turn. This is my first time.
Blinded by a love truly divine.
My hands chained together by passion
and my feet chained together by lust.
The relationship is my cell.
Living continuously in my own personal hell.
Everything is controlled. My actions, behavior, and attitude.
Some consider the Hard-on evil and crude.
Many claim to care, but they really don't understand.
They don't see things through the eyes of a true
Prisoner of Love…

I see it as glorious and a place where I'm at peace.
Heartbreak I worry about in the least.
I'm cared for and I have no needs.
It's where I plan for my future seeds.
If being in love is a crime, then I'm guilty and with honor accept my life sentence.
I am not remorseful and there is no repentance.


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