Carlos Abadia


When thugs cry don't nobody know about it, they just grab their gats
             & let loose with the automatic.
Don't nobody care, nor does the world stop, cause it passes U by 2 quick
             without asking why.
You wonder why automatics flow, U should know they won't let their tears show!
             No ear 2 confide in, no homies, cuz they turn out 2 B phonies!

So next time U C a thug N wonder if they cry
I've given U a vague answer and reason why.

Carlos Abadia

   •   •   •   •   •


Dedicated to the Department of Corruption

Two-faced and hypocritical,
that's how you describe the chumps
who designed the D.O.C,.
the same bastards who invented
these inhumane cells.
They walk around with their heads
held high, but behind closed doors
they stop living the lie.
In the spotlight they put on
a fake sophistication
and feed u with all types
of false information.
but that's how they work
through deviation.
It's part of the scheme they play
with their manipulation.
and it's whoy my life is full of pain
and frustration,
trying 2 rid myself of this shit
by way of starvation.
So now that u know my situation,
I know u can feel my irritation.

Carlos Abadia

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