Featured Poem 9/18/06

waterman smile

groundwater holy water purified smart dasani
poland springs evian naive thirsty talent splash
on dog. share a blue cup with dog slobber ice
erotica coffee brew chippewa fiji nicolet. hey
culligan dude toilet urine manganese drip sulfur
green lawn tap water kool aid concentrate one
nickel please. balloon slingshot supersoaker algae
lake drink and grow kelp in your bowels to your
health groundwater no longer the automobile I
dirt pacifist down a whorling drain. nestle, dannon
and the bubbly shit lemon lime perrier burping
glass bottles club soda old grenadine puddle stomp
friend. blessing streets and building with corporate
aquatic regards living like a thinking fish yellow
underside. teatime plantwater swallow your pills,
swallow your pills. bong. bong. beer snowmelt
crystal with domino dixie c & h sugar bottom lemonade
summer lightning pounds a rain until things dry
uncontrollably. ice mountain bottle reigns this
block rested on curb. yours, I give you intentions
until sweatwet skaterboy kicks at the impermanence
of plastic things (things). streetsweep follows in
city wet lines midnight clouds holding. groundwater
cress, waterbug striding love example of float and
staying above other creatures that sink. salt shit
all that ocean dry fresh river catfish mudbugs and
waterdogs cane pole cliff dam swamp stink the
beaver. restless aquafina arrowhead crystal geyser
ozarka and birds that think and bathe regularly
in hot hosewater garden bowls. and the flowers
that never let go, the succulents holding water to
sometimes pellegrino but only until they cannot

the YOT club: change agent Æ & spx agent Ø
Greg Markee
copyright © 2006

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