Featured Poem 2/25/06

The Dream

Let me tell you about this bad dream I had
They said it was gonna be the worse yet
I shrugged
That’s what they always say
Nighttime falls
The waters are rushing
Black all around
I climb to escape it
I cannot hear my own heartbeat
There’s a burst of light
And suddenly silence
It is still dark where I am
I hear a baby crying
I have to get out
It seems likes hours
Finally I take a breath of fresh air
My eyes are blinded
Now I wish I had never opened them
I see him floating
I hear them crying
I lie in the heat
Ready to live
Waiting to die
Mister please help us
The boat moves on
Mister call someone
The helicopters swarm
I have to break free
I cannot die like this
The coldness of the water ripples over me
The stench permeates every pore of my being
They walk beside me without saying a word
Certain that we would find the light at the end of our tunnel
Only to find more darkness
She is slumped in her wheelchair
Have you no shame
Can’t someone give her dignity
Yet they pass by without a glance
Come this way
All to familiar
Taken from my home
In a crowded transport
Without hope for my future
Without knowledge of where I am
What is to become of me
I am still waiting to wake up.

Dana M. Pellebon

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