Featured Poem 12/11/04

Haiku, various

   in my Cuisinart.
      scared to ask why

my stove's electric burners.
   crossing them
      one brave ant

half-eaten mangos
   drying on the cutting board—
      how long since you left?

between window
   and screen
      ladybug graveyard

ramen and spinach
   at the bottom of my pot;
      seaweed at low tide

snail on the train track,
   hail on my windshield;
      my hamster safe at home

night on State Street, still,
   a small lost bunny and I
      eye each other

"A Beautiful Mind"
is a terrible waste—
   but such beautiful
      shots of Princeton

ripe blackberries poke
   through my study window.
      wish Basho were here

Kevin Schwartz

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