Featured Poem 5/3/04

All Totaled

A ten-spot for the T-shirt that shrinks by half in the wash.

About two hundred for a ballpark day to watch star sluggers on steroids.

$3.95 for a mad cow burger.

Twelve big C-notes, mid-April, to the feds
for missile defense thingy-wingies for northwest Peoria.

$15.50 for a hip-hop breakthrough album
with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as backup.

$125 for the contract for the health club
right down the street from the town’s best bakery.

A fiver for the sex pill that balks on Saturday
and kicks in fine during Sunday’s sermon.

Six years saving for a sports car for gridlocked highways.

Some things cheap in life live up to their billing.
Others more pricey are just as worthless.

For everything else there’s poetry.

Richard Swanson

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