Featured Poem 1/10/04


Under-toasted English muffin
Heaped with Crest
Breakfast and
Dental hygiene

Fresh brewed coffee
Strained through Dad's
World War II socks
Never washed
He was superstitious

The Gremlin starts nicely
When pushed down hill
And clutch popped in second

Crowded downtown
Jail construction
Will need twice as many
When cloning Negroes
(I'm sorry—people of color)
Becomes perfected

Parked six blocks from work
Live five blocks from work
There's something wrong
With this life

Nine-hour elevator ride to the third floor
"My week-end was fine"
"Who won what game?"
"No. It is not cold enough for me
I can still feel my knees"
"Have a nice day"

© Ken Haynes October 2000

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