Featured Poem 2/5/03:


I'm quite sure now every wind is full of lake the sticky sweat of summer
spreading itself around ceiling fan blades lapping cycles at stale indoor
air, at legs stretching toes to points, two lonesome knees opening

I invoke you in my mind watching you watch me, your eyes I love so
much turning to wanting, the color of hunger, the blush of sly fingertips
navigating the creek between breasts, sneaking down abdomen and crossing
soft belly into pink expanse of honeysucked oh I am touching everywhere I
want you to kiss me

I know how you sound when you get flustered but that's not enough I want
your cheeks to flush when I cry out for you crack open thirsty lips head
falling back in eyeball roll from one memory to the next in hopes of
creating new ones creasing your body into mine

My hands are ghostwriters for hymns you  could pry from me just
basking in your thought I am wax on the hood of a just-driven car I wonder
what the speed of pleasure is, how soon you'll know it was me crying your
name through mesh window screen, the swaying of trees you'll never see

It was my tongue licking you from my lips, my nipple between your thumb and
forefinger but we know it was your left hand while your right hand played
pirate in the misty ocean mess you made of me though you are far away and I
have dreamed you here because I think you just got lost inside of me and if
I can reach my hand up far enough

I will find you there.

© 2002 Erin Martin


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